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Are you a small business owner that would like to find an alternative to traditional insurance for your employees? A number of local businesses use Fowler Medical Group to provide healthcare services to their employees. It can boost employee morale, keep your employees healthy and at work, and save your business thousands of dollars per month. We guarantee same or next day appointments to get your employees well quickly! 

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No Copays

All office visits with no copay or deductible

Gynecological Exams

Well Woman exams including PAP Smears. Pathology not included. (Does not include pathology pricing)

Annual Wellness Exams

Includes: Health and Wellness Counseling, Nutritional and Medication Counseling and greatly reduced labs pricing


Greatly reduced Lab pricing. 

Pediatric Wellness Exams

Pediatric Wellness Exams

Sports Medicine

  • Sports Physicals

  • Sports Medicine Evaluations included in monthly membership

  • Stand-alone Sports Medicine Packages available

Same or Next Day Sick Appointments for Members

Including Telemedicine via call, text or video

Reduced Radiological Services

Greatly reduced prices for radiological services

And Much More!

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Looking to provide incentive gifts for your employees?

Fowler Medical Group offers a diverse array of wellness services, including IV infusions, B-12 shots, medical aesthetics, and more. These services offer employees opportunities to enhance their health, well-being, and appearance in personalized ways. IV infusions can replenish nutrients and boost energy levels, while B-12 shots provide a quick and effective energy boost. Medical aesthetics treatments can address skincare concerns and promote confidence and self-esteem. By offering these services as incentives, you demonstrate a commitment to the holistic wellness of your team members, fostering a workplace culture that values health, self-care, and employee satisfaction. Such thoughtful and beneficial incentives contribute to employee morale, engagement, and retention, ultimately leading to a more productive and positive work environment.

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